Our Profile

Easthony as a professional polyvinyl alcohol manufacturer, concentrates on the R&D, production and sales of poly vinyl alcohol (PVA), PVA super fine powder, flocculent PVA, and biomass PVA. It has a whole industrial chain layout of poly vinyl alcohol, and has established an economy industrial chain of “vinyl acetate – polyvinyl alcohol – PVA film, PVB and other downstream products” with polyvinyl alcohol as the core by taking advantage of coal and biomass resources. 

Coal chemical PVA Production Base

The coal chemical PVA factory Base territory has an area of 1.27km². Utilizing the  advantage of the territory’s abundant resources of coal, electricity, calcium carbide, and other sources to build a production plant with an annual output of 200,000 tons of vinyl acetate and 100,000 tons of polyvinyl alcohol.

Based on the scale and technical advantages, the company could provide clients with customized viscosity, customized mesh size, customized alcoholysis degree and other full-specification PVA products.

Biomass PVA Production Base

Biomass PVA factory base is located in Yizhou City, China. It utilizes the abundant biomass resources such as sugarcane molasses and cassava to create a green chemical recycling economy.

At present, the base has built the China’s first biomass for polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) production plant and relevant auxiliary projects, and has break through the process route of biomass chemical recycling economy, leading in transforming from the highly polluting and high-energy acetylene production method to the biomass production method with low energy consumption, less pollution and recyclable raw materials. At present, the company has an annual output of 60,000 tons of VAE lotion, 50,000 tons of polyvinyl alcohol (POVAL), 100,000 tons of vinyl acetate 30,000 tons of organic fertilizer.

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Our Market

Qingdao Easthony Inc. as a professional polyvinyl alcohol manufacturer has been exported PVA (Poval) to more than 60 countries and regions in the world with over 20 years development.  Qingdao Easthony Inc. has established strategic alliance partnerships with many customers all over the world.

Polyvinyl Alcohol Lab Center

The quality is the life of a company. As a professional PVA factory, we build a world-class poly vinyl alcohol test center whose main instruments are from Usa and Germany. Such as Icp-Ms from Thermo, Usa, Accupyc From Micromeritics, Usa, Ev-120 From Keller, Germany, Aanalyst From Perkin Eimer, Usa, Etc. We take quality requirement first for our customers, strengthen to control the chain of raw material–production–finished product–logistics.

Our Qc Principle: optimizing the quality system, strengthen the processing management, insuring the high and stable quality, satisfy the customers.

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Our Culture

EASTHONY‘ originates from a passage by Master Tseng in The Analects of confucius which states:’A scholar must possess a broad mind and profound perseverance,for the burden he shoulders is heavy,and the road he has chosen to tread is long. East-the Orient of the world;symbolizes hope and strength. Hony-ambitious;possessing a grand vision;perseverance.

Specialty-As pva manufacturer,we will make sustainable efforts to provide our customers with high-quality products and excellent services.

Credibility-As pva manufacturer, keep our words and responsibilies to our customers and the society.