Polyvinyl Alcohol Flocculent

Alcohol Polyvinyl Production Outline

Polyvinyl Alcohol Flocculent

polyvinyl alcohol use

pva for textile

PVA for fabric sizing material

pva for construction

PVA for construction coating

pva for fiber

PVA for fiber

PVA for paper

PVA for paper adhesive

Polyvinyl Alcohol Flocculent Grades​

Our Grades

Alcoholysis Degree(% MOL/MOL)


Sodium Acetate(%)



PH Value

PVA 1799(H)







PVA 1999(H)







PVA 2099(H)







PVA 2399(H)







PVA 1799F(H)






Alcohol Polyvinyl Package

Polyvinyl Alcohol Granules package
Polyvinyl Alcohol pva package 3
Polyvinyl Alcohol pva package 4
Polyvinyl Alcohol Granules package 2

What's the Difference Between PVA Flocculent and PVA granules?




 Flocculent PVAgranular PVA

Main specification

Sample PVA 1799H

Viscosity 20.0-26.0

Degree of alcoholysis 98-100 mol/mol

Sample PVA 1799

Viscosity 20.0-26.0

Degree of alcoholysis 98-100 mol/mol


High alkaline alcoholysis process;

Lower output, high consumption, higher cost, higher price.

Low alkaline alcoholysis process, more popular tech for PVA manufacturers


Filling proportion 0.20-0.27g/cm3

Lower density means the flocculent PVA is not easy to sink into the bottom of the dissolution tank;

Easy processing, suitable for plants/building sites without stirring facilities. 

gravity 1.23-1.31g/cm3

Granular PVA is easy to sink after mixed with water,stirring facilities is necessary in PVA solution preparation.


Higher content of residual acetate and ash,lower purity 85%;

Lower surface tension of its PVA solution

Lower residual acetate and ash, higher pirity 92%+;

Based on same material consumption rate, the granular PVA solution viscosity is higher.

Dissolving processing

Fast dissolution, not easy to agglomerate, can be dissolved at natural temperature (45℃ better);

Easy operation,suitable for workshops/construction sites without heating and stirring facilities.

Feeding material with natural temperature (no higher than 70℃)

It is recommended to swell first, then increase temperature to accelerate dissolution.

During the heating process, the stirring can help return materials from the bottom to prevent the local temperature from being too high. High temperature would cause PVA denaturation, yellowing and agglomeration.

Heat to 90 ℃, keep stirring & heating for about 1hour till completely dissolve.

Why Us?​

Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA sample

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