Glassine Paper—PVA 1599 New Application

EASTCHEM attempted to develop a new application of PVA1599 for the paper and packaging industry, and they strived to offer high-quality products at a competitive price to maximize customer satisfaction. This was 1599 grade initial attempt in the glassine paper.

TP is a group enterprise that specializes in the paper and packaging industry. Their primary product is Glassie, which is a transparent treatment that enhances the durability and cleanliness of surfaces.

glassine paper

EASTCHEM proposes their solution as a viable substitute for Kuraray PVA 1599, which is suitable for the intended application. Their recommended product, with a viscosity of 15.1mPa s and hydrolysis of 99.2%mol, meets the necessary requirements.

1.Sample Test–PVA Use For Glassine Paper:

In September, the customer requested a 500g sample for testing purposes, which we promptly arranged and shipped via DHL. However, due to a heavy workload, the sample testing for the 1599 product was delayed. We received positive feedback from the customer about the sample test in November and provided them with an updated price for their reference. However, at that time, the customer faced some quality issues with their existing final product, so they were hesitant to switch suppliers. Despite this, we maintained communication with the customer, keeping them informed about the latest market trends and prices.

2. Trial Order:

In June 2021, the customer expressed interest in a trial order of 1-2 tons via air shipment. Due to the high cost of air transportation, we suggested a 500kg sample test instead. Despite the high cost of producing the 500kg sample, we were committed to building a new business relationship with the customer and agreed to their request. The cargo arrived at its destination on July 15th, 2021.

3. Regular Order:

We received an inquiry from the customer on August 4th for a quantity of 50 tons. The customer confirmed the order and made prepayment on August 6th, just two days later. By mid-September, the cargo had been received and put into production.

The application of EASTCHEM PVA1599 in the paper industry has provided an effective surface treatment, resulting in stronger surfaces. In addition, EASTCHEM’s solution has helped the client reduce costs, making their products more competitive in the market.

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