Polyvinyl Alcohol

PVA Overview

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA),(PVOH) which is a water-soluble synthetic resin, showing improvement character in final products like excellent film forming, high tensile strength and elasticity,resistance against organic solvents, etc.

Basic Formula Of PVA
PVA Production Outline
Polyvinyl alcohol PVA

There are many different PVA products. From appearance character, polyvinyl alcohol PVA is the most common type, widely used in different industrial fields like textile,paper, PVC, cosmetics and constructions etc.

PVA Application

pva for textile

PVA for Textile

Polyvinyl alcohol is widely used for textile warp sizing, exhibiting high abrasion resistance and elongation, providing numerous benefits in textile finishingoperations.

PVA for Adhesive

PVA for Adhesive

In adhesive formulations, polyvinyl alcohol can function as the primary binder or a compounding agent. They bond particularly well to cellulosic surfaces and offer improved water resistance, strength, and resistance to grease and otherpetroleum hydrocarbons.

PVA for paper

PVA for Paper

Polyvinyl alcohol are also used by the paper industry for surface sizing and coating. Polyvinyl alcohol significantly improves grease, solvent and water resistance as well as web strength.

PVA for Cosmetics

PVA for Barrier Films

PVA for PVC Production

PVA for Agriculture


PVA Is made by hydrolyzing polyvinyl acetate, which Is obtained through polymerization of vinyl acetate monomer. Diversifying the  specific degrees of polymerization and hydrolysis, PVA tums in various types of grades.  If simply tell apart from appearance character, there are granule, powder, flocculent and liquid PVA.

Polyvinyl Alcohol Package

polyvinyl alcoho package
Polyvinyl Alcohol pva package 3
Polyvinyl Alcohol pva package 4
Polyvinyl Alcohol pva 2

How To Chose Right Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) Products:



Test Method

PVA Grades

1788, BP17, 088-20

PVA grads has differnt naming system,representing PVA product characteristics like viscosity, alcoholysis etc



Test method of viscosity

PVA Hydrolysis

86-90 mol/mol,98-100mol/mol

Test method of hydrolysis

Particle size

15mesh, 25mesh

Test method of particle size

Anti-foaming agent

with foam, without foam

Test method of Anti-foaming agent

Why Choose Easthony?

Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA sample

Provide Free PVA Samples If you are worried about the quality of the PVA or do not know the specific specifications of theproduct, we provide free samples for you to test, to ensure that you buy a suitable polyvinyl alcohol for you.

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polyvinyl alcohol lab center

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Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA feedback
Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA feedback 2

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